15 Aug 2015

How to make your Lipstick last longer

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to another blog post.  Today's post is about Lipsticks, yes, Lipsticks. It was inspired by a meme I saw recently.

You know,  lipsticks are a great makeup arsenal and have been used since the history of makeup.  It can change your look from regular to flattering  with just a swipe!  But to keep that look all day is not so easy (thank God for lipstains). The type of lipstick you use sure has its pros and cons, but it all boils down to what works for you and the reason for choice.  Using a matte lipstick ensure higher pigment,  longer wear without smudging than frost lipstick.

To make your lipstick last longer,  dab some concealer on your lips before applying your lipstick.  You can do this with a lip brush or your index finger.  Spread evenly and then apply your lip color. This can make your lipstick last up to 8 hours!

Don't forget to live a little, add some more lip color.

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29 May 2015


Hey people!
We are almost in the 3rd quarter of this year and I have missed being here, so welcome to my latest blog post. I stopped making new year resolutions a long time ago, but this year was different. I made a new year resolution and its quite simple, this year i intend to travel more, learn new courses more and be a better person. The second resolution became feasible when i discovered   Dealdey Nigeria . This site offers massive discounts on several courses, products and services and the best part is most of the good deals are online! You can check them out and see what you would like because there is always something for anyone.
Enough of my ranting, now to today's post, Makeup Primers! Primers can make a huge difference to your everyday makeup and this is a must if you have oily skin and live in a tropical zone like me. The sun is never friendly even during the rainy season. Strange as it may sound, some people do not know what a makeup primer is while some others who know may have heard of it know it's use. I for one didn't know about the importance of Makeup Primers until I went for my Professional Makeup Training.
What is a Makeup Primer?
Makeup primers are lotions, creams or gel applied before makeup application used to control shine, improve coverage and make makeup last longer. Makeup Primer can also be referred to as a Base because it is used after a cleansing to prepare the face for makeup application. Some primers can do more by moisturising the skin for people with dry skin,  reducing pore size for people with oily and sensitive skin and with continuous use, a visible difference in the pore size can be  evident.
Types of primers
There are various types of Makeup Primers available and besides performing the basic function of controlling shine, they also serve other purposes. Makeup Primers available include Silicon-based  primer, Tinted moisturising primer, Oil-free mattifying primer and  Moisturizing oil control primer.
I for one prefer using a Silicone-based Makeup Primer because I notice a difference in my skin pore size when I do.
Importance of Makeup Primers
> They help your makeup last longer
> It creates a perfect canvas for flawless makeup application
> It acts as a protective coverage/base
To do this post justice, I will update with a sequel on the types of Makeup Primers for the various skin types. Feel free to drop your comments or questions.
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25 Nov 2014


Hey people! I hope you had a good weekend. I had a very crazy schedule but I was able to pull through. So yay!! I had a good weekend. November 18th was World Diabetes Day, and so this post couldn’t come up at a better time. As a Nutritionist I can't afford to let this event slide without writing a post on it! This pretty much got me inspired to write this post on weight loss which is my first health/lifestyle article on this blog.

Weight loss never gets old, because it is closely linked with obesity which is a known risk factor for many diseases including Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases. This topic is constantly researched due to changes in lifestyle, eating habits and trends. Obesity cuts across sexes, age, race and region which is the reason why I decided to do this post.

Going on a weight loss program can be tasking and it gets more difficult down the road if you are not prepared. Besides, loosing excess body fat, there is the need to stay healthy and fit. You should be able to establish the need for weight reduction before you start.

Below are four things you need to know before you start your weight loss program. They can also serve as a guide for you to make sure you are not overdoing it.


Before you start your weight loss program, you need to know your Body Mass Index (BMI). Body Mass Index is a measure of your body weight in relation to the height. It is a weight-for-height standard that is most closely related to body fat content. BMI is calculated as;
Body weight (kg)
Height (m²)

This index provides a benchmark classification that groups individuals into Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese. The range of values for classification is;

·       Underweight: < 18.5
·       Normal: 18.5-24.9
·       Overweight: 24.9-29.5
·       Obese: 29.5-40

Your goal before going into a weight loss program should be to achieve a body weight that falls within the normal category.


An ideal body weight is one that places you within a body weight associated with optimum health and longetivity.

Height (cm)-100= Ideal weight (kg)

Before going on a weight loss program, you should know your ideal body weight lest you overdo it and fall in the underweight category. With the ideal body weight calculation, you can set your weight loss target.


The waist circumference is a practical tool used by most Clinicians to evaluate abdominal fat before and during weight loss treatment.

Waist circumference values higher than 40inches/102cm for men and 35inches/88cm for women indicate high risk factors for diseases. Normal values for men is 78-94cm/30-37inches and 64-80cm/25-31inches for women.

You should know you waist circumference before starting your weight loss program and this index should serve as a guide for you during the course of your program.


You ought to know what it means to eat healthily. Patients who indulge in low caloric diets to achieve weight loss have shown increased risk of developing gall stones. Weight loss is not just about losing weight but also eating healthily to attain a body weight that is associated with optimum health. If you loose weight using a crash diet program, you will gain it as fast as you lost it because crash programs are not sustainable in the long run.

Effective weight loss includes diet therapy, physical exercise and stress management. It is noteworthy to add that weight loss is a gradual process. Loosing 500g-1kg body fat a week is an ideal weight reduction. To achieve weight loss, a 500kcal per day reduction of one’s recommended dietary intake is adequate.

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7 Nov 2014

Smokey Eye and Nude lip

Hello Beauties! I have been MIA and I apologise for it.

This is a post of a before meets after look I did about two weeks ago which is by far long overdue but due to my hectic schedule, I have been unable to post it on my blog.
For me, smokey eye and nude lip is a head turner for any beauty if well created! It never gets old and most times, it serves as my go-to look when I am running low on creative juice..(lol). I did a smokey eye and nude lip look for the dark skinned beauty in the photo and she loved it!
Click through!


Working on the eyes after prepping the face
Done with the eyes!
Final look without flash
Final look with flash

 What is your go to look?

 Please share!

Stay Beautiful,


20 Oct 2014


Hello Beauties! I hope y’all are having a fabulous day so far.

Every fashion/beauty year brings about it new revolutions in the industry that generates a rave for the moment it lasts. This beauty year has brought in quite some changes that we can’t forget in a hurry.

Orange lip colour is so in this year. This colour is gorgeous and nothing screams beautiful like having various shades to choose from. Shades of orange lipstick available are orange, coral, and tangerine. For me, orange is the new nude! While red can be your classic and nude your friend, orange can be both these things and more! Orange lips works irrespective of your skin colour depending on the shade of orange you choose.

There are various brands of orange lip sticks available various skin shade and you can be sure to find one that works for your skin shade. I own the Wet and Wild Megalast lipstick in Carrot gold and it works well for me. If you are unsure whether or not the orange lip colour will look good on you, then you should go for MAC Morange! From swatches and reviews I have seen, it obviously works well for many skin tone.


WET N WILD – Carrot gold 

L’OREAL- Orange power

TARA-Neon Orange


MAYBELLINE- Electric Orange

The orange lip colour was proudly worn by models at various international fashion shows including New York2014 Fashion week and the  2014 London fashion week 2014.
I urge you to step out of your comfort zone and try the orange lip colour.Go on, be trendy, try the orange lip colour for a change today!

Have a fulfilled day ahead.
Which orange lip colour do you own?
Stay Beautiful,

13 Oct 2014


Good morning Beautiful people. 

It’s Monday and the start of a new week! Please make the best out of your day because you are the creator of your own destiny and you definitely want the best for yourself!

Plan ahead for the week and remember to set realistic target and goals for yourself.

Have a good day ahead people.

Stay Beautiful,

9 Oct 2014


Hello Beautiful people!

I am still working on putting a tag on my regular features on the blog, but until that is completed..hey, its a DIY post! Everyone including me loves a DIY post and the fact that its a homemade recipe makes it interesting all the more! Now let's get straight into the post. How to make your own home made exfoliating scrub!

I will start with explaining what exfoliation is and its benefits.

What is Exfoliation:
Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

What are the Benefits of Exfoliating the skin:
Exfoliating the skin has great benefits and the obvious one i appreciate is the soft feel i get after exfoliating and the way I can literally feel my pores are open enough to breathe...its funny but true.

Other benefits;
  • It refreshes the skin making it soft and radiant 
  • Regular exfoliation unclogs the pores thus controlling acne and blackheads
  • Dead cells removal helps even skin tone over time
  • Exfoliation speeds up the skin renewal process
  • Routine exfoliation reduces the appearance of wrinkles and produces a more younger and healthy looking skin.

If you are reading this post and have oily and sensitive skin like me, then you must have learnt the hard way how to read product labels before purchasing any skin care product. I am constantly checking for the drug information of any skin care product I intend to use especially facial products. I react to the tiniest and oddest of things, even cotton wool!

I learnt to make my own scrub after I reacted to a popular exfoliating scrub for reasons unknown to me.  I appreciate making my own exfoliating scrub because I feel safer knowing they are simple household recipe that can't harm me.



1 heaped tablepoon of granulated sugar/ salt (I prefer sugar because salt is a bit more abrasive on my skin)
2 tablespoonful of olive oil
Step 1:

Pour the sugar into a clean container with a good cover that you can store it.
Step 2:

Pour the olive oil on the sugar and let the sugar soak the oil up. Make sure the oil covers the sugar as the oil provides a gliding surface that makes exfoliation less painful and moisturise the skin as well.

Step 3:

Viola! Your exfoliating scrub is ready for use!

This can be used three times a week to exfoliate dead cells. If you have a recent bout of acne breakout then I would advise you avoid using an exfoliating scrub as this can further irritate the skin rather than restore it.

Do you know any other homemade recipe for preparing an exfoliating scrub? Please share!

I hope you found this post helpful.

Have a blessed day ahead.

Stay Beautiful,